Melange blended yarn for knitting t shirt MH3001Y

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Linen Yarn, Flax Yarn semi-bleached, raw, long fiber, short fiber
1—pp bag. 1.67kg/cone, 25kg/bag with 15cones
Carton Packing: 1.67kg/cone, 30kg/carton, 6500kg/20FCL
Bag Packing: 1.67kg/cone, 25kg/bags, about 7500kg/20FCL

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Hemp Cotton Blended Yarn

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Multiple colors, or customized




Free sample within 100g,shipping costs need to be paid by yourself


Carton packaging /Plastic tape packaging

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Within 7 days

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Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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The hemp yarn can be used for carpets and rugs, and for fabrics, clothes, uniform, towel, bedding sheets, socks, underwear and other home textiles. Also we can make blended yarn mixed with cotton, tencel, modal, viscose,bamboo, wool and so on.


Linen Yarn Advantages

I. What is blended yarn?
Yarn is indispensable for making all kinds of textile products, and there are a variety of yarns on the market now, which can be simply divided into pure spinning yarn and blended yarn according to the raw materials and process differences.
As the name implies, blended yarn is a yarn made from two or more fibers in different proportions and adjusted by a certain process. With the continuous progress of the fiber production process, many new fiber materials are used to make blended yarn, greatly enriched the types of blended yarn products, the more common blended yarn on the market now are cotton yarn polyester, silk yarn viscose, nitrile yarn cashmere, nitrile yarn nitrile, large fiber sheep and so on.

II. what is the blending ratio of blended yarn
The blending ratio of yarn affects the appearance of fabric style and performance, but also related to the cost of products, so the blending ratio should be determined according to the use of products and requirements.
1, polyester / cotton fabrics in polyester, cotton blending ratio of 65: 35 is appropriate. Although with the increase in the proportion of polyester blended, the fabric crease recovery and abrasion resistance are significantly improved, But the fabric's moisture absorption, air permeability gradually become worse, the static effect also increased. However, such as outerwear fabrics require brace, can increase the proportion of polyester, underwear fabrics should be comfortable to wear Comfortable, available in a low proportion of polyester-cotton blends.

2 in the account fiber blend of polyester / viscose fabric, often using polyester, viscose 65: 35 blend ratio. If the viscose content of more than 50%, the product crease recovery and form stability The nature of the product is to become poor. If you can in the polyester viscose blended fabric and then mixed with about 15% of nylon, the fabric will be more wear-resistant.

3. Commonly used polyester, eye blend ratio of 50: 50, also useful for 60: 40. Medium-length polyester / acrylic fabric has a good sense of hair, but the static phenomenon is more serious, with The acrylic content increases, the fabric strength, elongation, breaking work, wear resistance and other properties will gradually decline, when more than 65%, it is reduced more significantly.

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