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  • Types of garment fabrics

    Types of garment fabrics

    One: according to the different raw materials, garment fabrics can be divided into color woven cotton, color woven polyester cotton, color woven medium-length imitation wool tweed, full wool tweed, wool-polyester tweed, wool-polyester viscose three-in-one tweed, bamboo yarn cloth, lump yarn cloth...
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  • The structure of garment fabrics

    The structure of garment fabrics

    Garment is composed of three elements: style, color and fabric. Among them, material is the most basic element. Garment material refers to all the materials that constitute the garment, which can be divided into garment fabric and garment accessories. Here, we mainly introduce some knowledge of c...
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  • Classification of fabrics

    Classification of fabrics

    In the world of garments, the fabrics of garments are varied and changing day by day. But on the whole, high-quality, high-grade fabrics mostly have the characteristics of comfortable wearing, sweat-absorbing and breathable, draping and bracing, visually noble, soft to the touch and so on. Modern...
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