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Zhoushan Minghon Industry Co., Ltd.

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Zhoushan Minghon Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2011., (No comma) It is a subsidiary of GE group specializes (shoud be specialized) in the production and development of linen and hemp fabrics. It has three spinning mills, two weaving mills and two dyeing mills. Each plant has advanced production equipment. Specifically for the spinning equipment that ranges from carding frame, drawing frame, roving frame, spinning frame to automatic winding machine, the weaving looms are either Italian Somet or Belgian Picanol rapier looms . The annual output of linen yarn is about 8,000 tons, and the annual output of linen fabric is about 8 million meters. The Company has a professional research and development team, management team and service team, which enables the Company to have comprehensive quality control of its products from fibers, yarns to fabrics. Its product quality is well recognized by its customers.

All clients are treated as VIP, no matter the order is big or small

Should be “no matter how big or small the order is”