Factory direct supply hot style cotton linen fabric for garments

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1. Can improve sleep, the use of cotton linen so that the body produces a warming effect, increasing the body’s microcirculation blood flow, effective regulation of the nervous system, dredging meridians, improve sleep quality.
2. With cotton linen bags made of drawstring bags, now suitable for electronic products, jewelry, precious * materials packaging, more secure, more at ease.

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57/58" or customized


Customized or as our samples


SGS.Oeko-Tex 100

Time of labdips or Handloom sample

2-4 Days


Free if under 0.3mts


1000mts per color

Product Description

The characteristics and benefits of cotton and linen fabrics
(A) the characteristics of cotton and linen fabrics
Cotton and linen fabric is half hemp and half cotton mixed textile fabrics, both hemp and cotton characteristics. General pure linen material clothes feel coarse and hard, close to wear the friction of the skin is very obvious, a long time is also easier to pilling; and cotton clothing and texture is too light shortcomings, wear soft, no hemp sense of firmness. And cotton and linen mixed fabrics effectively avoid the shortcomings of hemp and cotton parties, the two advantages and disadvantages of complementary, become the summer clothes * choice.

(B) the benefits of cotton and linen fabrics
1, anti-static, no pilling, no frustration, no rolled edges, cotton linen is sewn with pure cotton, without free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deformation, no pilling.

2, natural environmental protection, from planting to hand-woven cloth, sewn into sheets, do not use agricultural * and chemical dyes, textiles do not contain formaldehyde, azo and other chemical heavy metal ions, in full compliance with the European Community textile biochemical standards "banned carcinogenic - azo dyes" requirements, so that the real green ecological textile Precious products.

3, breathable, sweat-permeable, cotton linen can absorb sweat and sweat on human skin, so that body temperature quickly back to normal, to truly achieve breathable, sweat-absorbing effect, warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for intimate use.

4, comfortable, anti-itch, skin-friendly, PH value is acidic, non-irritating to the skin, in line with environmental protection and human health requirements.

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