Melange 100% linen yarn for weaving high quality linen fabric

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Linen Yarn, Flax Yarn semi-bleached, raw, long fiber, short fiber
1—pp bag. 1.67kg/cone, 25kg/bag with 15cones
Carton Packing: 1.67kg/cone, 30kg/carton, 6500kg/20FCL
Bag Packing: 1.67kg/cone, 25kg/bags, about 7500kg/20FCL

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Pure linen yarn


According to sample or customized


Wet Spun

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Depends on order quantity,Usually 20-25 days

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Linen fiber is the earliest human use of natural fibers, is the only natural fibers in the bundle of plant fibers, with a natural spindle-shaped structure and unique pectin beveled edge hole, resulting in excellent moisture absorption, breathable, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, low static electricity and other characteristics, so that linen fabrics become able to naturally breathe the woven fabric, known as the "Queen of Fiber ". At room temperature, wearing linen clothing can make the body's real temperature down 4 degrees -5 degrees, so linen and known as "natural air conditioning" reputation. Linen is a rare natural fiber, accounting for only 1.5% of natural fibers, so linen products are relatively expensive, in foreign countries to become a symbol of identity and status.


Linen Yarn Advantages

Health care function
Linen fiber fabric has a very good health care function. It has a unique role in inhibiting bacteria. Linen belongs to the cryptogamic family of plants, can emit a vague scent. Experts believe that this smell can kill many bacteria, and can inhibit the growth of a variety of parasites. Scientific experiments done with the contact method proved that: linen products have a significant antibacterial effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans and other international standard strains of bacterial inhibition rate of up to 65% or more, the inhibition rate of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus beads more than 90%. Ancient Egyptian mummies of the pharaohs were wrapped in amazingly strong linen within the fine cloth, so that it is preserved intact to this day. Linen fiber woven products are known as the "natural air conditioner. Linen heat dissipation performance is excellent, which is because linen is the only natural fiber in the bundle of fibers. Bunch of fibers is formed by a single cell of linen with the aid of gum adhesion together, because it does not have more conditions to stay in the air, the breathable ratio of linen fabrics up to 25% or more, thus its thermal conductivity (breathability) excellent. And can quickly and effectively reduce the skin surface temperature of 4-8 ℃. Linen fibers are flat and smooth, in more than 50 times the magnification projection, it is like a section of bamboo, no cotton, wool fibers and other distortions. This feature allows the accumulation of fine dust or dirt on the textile, the dust will not find a place to hide and easy to remove.

Long-term human exposure to ultraviolet light, will damage the body. The linen textile products containing hemicellulose is the best material to absorb ultraviolet light. Hemi-cellulose is actually not yet mature cellulose. Linen fiber contains more than 18% hemicellulose, several times higher than cotton fiber. When it becomes clothed, it can protect the skin from the damage of ultraviolet light.

Linen fabric than other fabrics can reduce the body's sweating, linen textiles absorb water faster than satin, rayon woven fabrics, and even several times faster than cotton.

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