Types of garment fabrics

One: according to the different raw materials, garment fabrics can be divided into color woven cotton, color woven polyester cotton, color woven medium-length imitation wool tweed, full wool tweed, wool-polyester tweed, wool-polyester viscose three-in-one tweed, bamboo yarn cloth, lump yarn cloth, a variety of blended color woven fabric, etc., and silk and linen as the raw material of many color woven fabric.

Second: according to the different weaving methods, garment fabrics can be divided into plain weave, color poplin, color tartan, Oxford cloth, youth cloth, denim, and khaki, tweed, herringbone tweed, wada tweed, tribute satin, small jacquard, large jacquard cloth and so on.

Third: according to the different process characteristics before and after, garment fabrics can also be divided into: color warp white weft cloth (Oxford cloth, youth cloth, denim, labor cloth, etc.) color warp color weft cloth (striped cloth, plaid cloth, bed linen, plaid tweed, etc.) and because of the latter process of hair pulling, pile, wool, shrinkage and the formation of a variety of color woven plush cloth.

Fourth, according to the different manufacturing principles, garment fabrics can be divided into knitted color fabric and woven color fabric. The above-mentioned are woven color woven fabric, knitted color woven fabric basic principle is also in the weaving before the yarn dyed before weaving, whether warp knitting machine or weft knitting machine can weave color woven fabric, but more strip-based, can not make the grid.

Post time: Mar-28-2022